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Be a Ninja!

Because you didn't choose this ninja life, it chose you.

Join the Hiyah family!

Because life's too short not to be a ninja.

what parents are saying

My son is obsessed with these bars! He calls it his "ninja fuel" as he runs around the house jump kicking imaginary objects.

Rachel Knapps, Mother of 1 Ninja

My daughter has a Hiyah Bar before every gymnastics practice. She loves it!

Sara Gallart, Mother of 2 Ninjas

I've worked hard to become more fit through dedication in both the gym and through nutrition. Hiyah Bars has helped me facilitate this lifestyle to my kids.

Jamaal Ebron, COO of T.A.C.K.L.E. Sports Academy and Father of 2 Ninjas



What? You eat protein bars filled with low quality ingredients and preservatives? That's cute. I remember my first protein bars also. Sounds like you need some HIYAH! in your life.



In my sport, it's just me against the world. With the energy Hiyah Bars give me, please keep the world in your prayers.



With Hiyah's high quality protein, my muscle's have what they need to recover and repair. Yet you still want a piece of me? Don't threaten me with a good time.